Thank GOAT, it’s Christmas! New EP

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you. We recorded a Christmas record!
Get it here:

Our musical Christmas collection consists of traditional songs such as „Little Drummer Boy“, „Silent Night“ and our own compositions, such as the trilogy “The Ghost Of Christmas Past, Present and Future” or the sinister archaic Krampus invocation “Krampus Rumble”. Krampus is of course a traditional Austrian “Christmas Demon”.

2 guest singers. Matt Howden / Sieben : „In the bleak midwinter“ Box von Dü / Box And The Twins : „Little Drummer Boy“ The EP is strictly limited to 200!

Also available: Goatmass 2020 Shirts. And for the true and fast Goathead :Goatmas Bundle incl. T-Shirt, Cd & handwritten, personalized / autographed Krampus Greeting Card – limited to 50! – first come, first serve.

Picture by – concert photography by Werner Nowak Werner Nowak
EP Artwok by Filip Trax

: ENDGAME 69 : is out now!

Available as LIMITED DELUXE EDITION (incl. companion book, shirt, bag, orange vinyl, CD) , VINYL (Orange + Black), Digipack CD

The threatening sound of helicopter blades rotating, indistinguishable radio messages seeped in static, and the strains of a far-eastern melody open the new album by THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE. Once the beat of the drums takes hold, you are reminded these sounds are being provided by the Viennese trio, who take us 50 years down memory lane with : ENDGAME 69 :

Familiar electronic sounds, hard guitars and trance-evoking drums meet Indian and near-eastern vocal stylings—exotic drum and string instruments with such delightful names as the Tambur, Darabuka, Tablas, and Santurs. If, however, you think THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE have now officially unearthed their inner trippy-hippies, think again.

The term “Satanic Panic” first emerged back in the year 1969. Most probably as a reaction to the radical social changes and crisis happening at the time. The occult worked its way into mainstream pop and social culture with the Manson Family Murders and the “Church of Satan” grabbing headlines. And also with “The Process” operating as a first ever public religious organisation which addresses satanic content within scripture.

What is happening to us?

Due partially to the growing resentment of the Vietnam War, an increase in drug intakes, revolutionary human rights movements such as the “Black Panthers”, the previously peaceful Hippy Revolution started to become more classically militant. When violence and murder were committed at the Altamont Rolling Stones concert, the Give Peace A Chance vibe from just a few months earlier at the infamous Hippy Convention also known as Woodstock, were definitely a thing of the past. What happened at Altamont was a forbearing for a decidedly not so lovey dovey future. 

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Dead.

It has been a half a century since 1969 but the turbulence of those times can definitely be reflected in contemporary political and social climates. With all their sensitivities about past and present heightened, THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE are staring deep into the dream machine and encouraging Kali’s tongue to indulge in sunshine acid.

As with past recordings, Ashley Dayour, David Pfister and Stefan Elsbacher travelled the continents to capture sounds only available beyond the confines of a classic studio. From the Californian Death Valley to the Hindu temples of Vietnamese jungles still ravaged by the violence of last century Napalm devastation. Also a chance encounter with underground filmmaker and magician Kenneth Anger leaves its trace on the new album.

Vocals are also provided by Christina Lessiak of the band „Crush“ for the track „Kali‘s Tongue“ and Medina Rekic of the band “White Miles” for the track „1969“.

The goal of THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE’s newest offering is to combine the iconography of 1969 with various musical genres such as Space Disco, Psychedelic Glam, Synth Pop, New Wave und Black Metal to create the fever-like haze unmistakeably attributed to the vibe of the year 1969.

All songs recorded, mixed and produced by Ashley Dayour, David Pfister, Stefan Elsbacher

Additional drum & percussion recordings by Martin „Acid“ Gutmann.

Mastered by Friedemann Kootz.

All pictures by Maria Wagner  /  Artwork by Filip Trax

: ENDGAME 69 : the new album

ENDGAME 69: the new THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE album is ready for pre-order!
Watch the trailer: HERE

New CD, LP, SHIRT, The COMPANION BOOK by Edie Calie and the true goat-heads wet dream: 
THE ULTIMATE DELUXE bundle with all this and more awaits here:

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21.06.2019 – Sommer Solstice

The goal of THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE’s newest offering is to combine the iconography of 1969 with various musical genres such as Space Disco, Psychedelic Glam, Synth Pop, New Wave und Black Metal to create the fever-like haze unmistakably attributed to the vibe of the year 1969.

G 0 A T T R A N C 3 – EP out now!

G 0 A T T R A N C 3

New digital download EP out now
Stream & download here:

Plus new THE CHURCH OF THE GOAT (Radio Mix) Promo Video released
feat. Christina Lessiak
Directed by Edie Calie


Folk Horror is out now!

Our 4th Studio Album FOLK HORROR + the new T Shirt Design „The Wicker-Goat“ are now ready for pre-order:


Picture by Matthias Lueger Photography
Artwork by Filip Trax
Shirt Design by Billy Phobia
Album released by [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Produced by Ashley Dayour
Drum & Percussions Recorded by Martin Gutmann
Mastered by Friedemann Kootz
Teaser Video by Edie Calie

New Tour, New Album!

new album FOLK HORROR release date
22.09.17 (Autumnal Equinox) via [aufnahme + wiedergabe].

22.09.17 Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer (DE)
23.09.17 Cologne, MTC (DE)
30.09.17 Brno, Eleven Club (CZE)
12.10.17 Berlin, Urban Spree (DE)
13.10.17 Leipzig, Naumanns (DE)
14.10.17 Görlitz, Basta! (DE)
15.10.17 Warsawa. Chmury (PL)
16.12.17 Bratislava, Fuga (SVK)
17.02.18 Kiev (UKR)
24.02.18 Frankfurt, Das Bett (DE)
30.04.18 Moscow (Rus)

More shows TBA (including UK date)


Contains the 3 Walpern EP’s, rearranged, remixed in 2 continues tracks side A & B
like a 45min mixtape for your private witch ritual.
The remixes from Walpern 2 are not included.
And there will be no digital release! Lp only.

limited edition of 500 copies, clear vinyl.
out on May 30 on aufnahme + wiedergabe


Listen here:

Cover Pictures by Maria Wagner
Artwork by Filip Trax
Label: [aufnahme + wiedergabe]

New Releases 2017

We are currently working on new releases

There will be another WALPERN release right in time for Walpurgis-Night: 30.04.
And our 4th studio album will see the light of day later this year.