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29. Oktober 2021

Imprint Daath

  • 1. Nod
  • 2. Kruzifix
  • 3. Procession
  • 4. The Pilgrim Regress
  • 5. Parvati's Lament
  • 6. Iblis
  • 7. Gamaliel
  • 8. Sitra Ahra
  • 9. Nemoralis
  • 10. It Is Our Will - Extended Version
  • 11. It Is Our Will - In Death It Ends Remix
  • 12. It Is Our Will - Original Version
  • 13. The Star


THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE set out to give up their musical creativity and allow the legitimacy of magic and religious mechanisms form musical rules.

Getting back to the tarot card reference, imagine allotting certain chords or rhythmic sequencing to certain cards. The pulling of the cards then becomes an exercise reminiscent of automatic writing.

A beloved methodology of Surrealism, this exercise permits emotion and expression to emerge without the influence of the “critical self”.

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