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3. September 2021

Haunted Summer

  • 1. Haunted Summer
  • 2. Stygian
  • 3. Cloak Of Dispersion
  • 4. Danaus Plexippus
  • 5. The Goat Head
  • 6. The Curse Of Byron
  • 7. Calling Of The Shades
  • 8. Phantasmagoria
  • 9. Gipfelrausch


In the summer of 1816, poet and author Lord Byron, sent out an invitation for friends to enjoy the summer air at his villa on Lake Geneva. The invited party partially consisted of the novelist-couple Percy und Mary Shelley, Mary Shelley’s half-sister Claire Clairmont and the author and physician John W. Polidori.

The host and the guests combated boredom at the Villa “Diodati” by consuming drugs, and partaking in sex and séance sessions. The decadent time-filling got increasingly radical and culminated in a frenzy of physical and moral transgressions.

Mary Shelley, deeply affected by the experience, went on to write her world-famous book ‚Frankenstein’. This historical summer inspired us to create our second album HAUNTED SUMMER.

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