28. Januar 2022


  • 1. Utopia Incognita
  • 2. Eschaton
  • 3. Spleen Cockaigne
  • 4. Viva! Goatopia
  • 5. Amaurotum Sunset
  • 6. News From Nowhere
  • 7. The Great God Pan Is Dead (Long Live The Great God Pan)
  • 8. Echotopia
  • 9. Psychogeography


In the musical vortex of utopian visions and wishful dream images of a future past! The sixth album from THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE whirls its way inside the ears of their audience, stirs up imaginations and carries you away..

The result sounds electronically entranced with thundering drums. The goats devour Krautrock, chew it with relish and spit it out again as a tribal sphere with spoken word samples.

With magic, occultism and a healthy dose of self-irony, GOATopia hallucinates the missed opportunities of the past without mourning them. Utopias are created, destroyed and rebuilt again. Utopia is dead. Long live Goatopia. Viva! GOATopia!

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